Friday, June 1, 2012

The most important subject I want to teach

When my eldest daughter was born, my husband and I got talking one night about what we thought she would be when she was older.  We were joking around about what the up and coming careers would be in twenty years and were trying to predict which jobs would be the most in demand and financially rewarding.  You know, the kind of job that would pay for a nice retirement home and vacations for us parents.  When we were done kidding around, we both said almost in unison that if we raise our children to love the Lord and to be genuinely good people then we would consider our job as parents a success.

Flash forward five years and I was getting ready for our first year of homeschooling.  Like any new homeschooling mom, I browsed through every (and I mean every) curriculum website, every homeschool blog and tried my hardest to go to every vendor at the homeschooling convention.  I was sure that picking the right curriculum would make or break my first homeschooling year.  By September I had the perfect math, history, spelling, phonics, language arts and spelling curriculum for our first year.  Nothing was missing.

And I was right.  Nothing was missing.

Nothing was missing if I wanted to raise a child to excel in academics.

And that was my goal picking the curriculum.  Every mother wants her child to be smart.

But my husband and I wanted more.  We remembered our conversation five years ago when we both agreed that raising children who would be of great character and morals was our primary goal.  When I laid out my new shiny curriculum in front of me, there was nothing there that would get our children to this goal.  

So things changed.

I started with a good catechism program.  I began each day reading the Bible with my children (keep in mind that I had never read the Bible on my own at this point).  I talked about God openly with my children with as much excitement as I possibly could!  I began teaching Sunday school at our church to show my children that my love for God was so great that I just HAD to share it.

Then I learned about teaching virtues and everything I was trying to teach my children came together!  We do virtue training as part of our homeschool daily.  In just over a month of incorporating this into our daily routine I have noticed a huge difference in my children's attitude and behavior.  We learn concrete ways of living out these virtues and we challenge each other to achieve them every day.

Next week I am joining 21 other bloggers in the 5 days of Mothering and Homemaking series.  I will be sharing with you how we teach virtues in our home.  Join me June 4th through June 8th for a week of encouragement and ideas on teaching what I think is one of the most important lessons we can pass down to our children.


  1. I salute you for making faith and virtues your priority in teaching your children! I will be looking forward to reading your coming posts about teaching virtues. Even though my youngest is now almost 16 and goes to public high school, we still have family home evening which we have had with since our first child (now 31 years old) was very small. In Family Home Evening, we read scriptures together and talk about faith, virtues and the challenges of life. We also strive for daily family scripture reading and some days do better with that than others, but hopefully our children know that Jesus Christ is the head of our home and faith, prayer and righteous living is vitally important. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. That is WONDERFUL that you have continued your Family Home Evening tradition. I'm sure it is blessing your family more than you can imagine! I really like that idea. Thanks for visiting...hope you will enjoy the series!

  3. Hi Nicole!! I am so excited for this week of blogs!

  4. Heather it's because of our conversation at 2:1 that I am actually writing about this. I can't tell you how much our family has been blessed by your products. Thank you :)