Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My problem with Sonlight

OK, so it's no surprise that I am a pretty big fan of our Kindergarten curriculum from Sonlight.  I've blogged before at how easy it is to plan my day and how school is not a struggle when we reach for our Sonlight subjects.  

Well, the honeymoon is over.  I've found a flaw.

Time and time again, I've gone to our bookshelf to get our books ready for the school day.  Without fail, there is always one missing.  It's usually one of our read-aloud books, but sometimes it's the Children's Encyclopedia or the Llama poetry book.  

You see Sonlight, you've chosen books that are just so much fun to read that my kids are constantly taking them off the shelf to read.  My eldest daughter has gotten into the habit of taking our read alouds and reading them to her sisters.  They hate having to wait for another chapter, so they do it themselves!  

I don't know how I'm going to keep the books together to save for the younger girls because not only do they want to read ahead...they also want to re-read the books we have already finished!!!!

Frustrating, right?

I understand Sonlight that you are fostering a child's love of reading, but for goodness sake, can you please make the books less appealing so my kids stop taking them off the shelf every single day?!?

I actually own two copies of the new Sonlight catalog...one for myself and one for the girls who are already asking for some of the books from Core B!  If you haven't received your copy of the catalog you can request one here

Be forewarned,  if you do decide to use Sonlight, expect to search for your books on a daily basis.  My tip: start looking anywhere your kids are. 


  1. Glad to see you blogging again! :-) We really enjoy Sonlight here, too! Hope you are having a blessed Holy Week!

  2. I am going to start my second year of homeschooling my children next year and we keep our focus very Catholic as well, but I am very excited about using Sonlight as I too found other "Catholic" curriculums to be slightly boring. I plan on doing a separate catechesis/religion instruction, but have you found any problems with the books or instruction that put it at odds with the Church? It is hard to find any blogs of Catholic moms who use Sonlight! Thanks for your blog!

  3. Molly, I hope you don't mind me chiming in, lol! :-) There is a yahoo group called SL-Catholic. It has been a wonderful resource (and I have made a lot of friends, too) for Catholic Sonlighters. They have created documents as to any books that may have anti-Catholic slants (usually it is a missionary-type of book which is easily replaceable with a Saint biography). Come join the group. They are such a wealth of information, too. God bless!

  4. Lisa! Thanks for chiming in! I have to check out that Yahoo group as well.

    Molly, I have NOT found it difficult to use Sonlight as a Catholic. We are even reading their version of the Children's Bible (and it is my children's favorite part of school!). The only book this year that we have swapped out was a book about Missionaries. I used a book on Saints and another wonderful book called "Leading Little ones to Mary" which I got from Seton.

    The program is so customizable (is that a word?) that I think anybody can use it! The books have great messages in them and really challenge the kids to think and to open up dialogue with their parents.

  5. I am considering homeschooling for K next year and a friend uses Sonlight and loves it! She also said I could borrow it which is a major plus!!! I went to the local homeschool convention last weekend and loved the Sonlight exhibit but my question is what did you do for teaching reading? My Daughter is reading some right now but I would feel better doing an actual phonics program. How did this work for ya'll?

  6. We used "Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons". I have also recommended the book to MANY of my friends who have also used it successfully! It is not expensive and it is so easy to use! I blogged about it here: http://www.faithinsmallthings.com/2011/07/how-we-teach-reading.html . After we used this book, we moved on to Explode the Code and All About Spelling. Most importantly we read, read, read! I really think you will love Sonlight for Kindergarten!

  7. Thank you both for your insight! I was already planning on using the Faith and Life series for their catechetical instruction and swapping out the missionary books for saints books. Thanks for the comments and I am now a member of the yahoo group! I love the blog--so great for encouragement!

  8. HMama @ Family TeamMay 1, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    too cute! we will be starting sonlight next year - so excited! hope my girls fall in love with the books as much as your cuties have. ;)

  9. Great review, I was wondering about Sonlight and I have a great answer!

  10. I have only good things to say about the company! We have recently got our first grade box in the mail and the girls have been ALL over the new books!

  11. I'm sure they will! Have fun with it next year, I'm going to check out your blog to see how much you love it!