Monday, March 19, 2012

Buffalo Women's Conference 2012

This weekend, I was among 1200 women who attended the Buffalo Women's Conference entitled "Behold I make all things new".  I had been looking forward to this event since the Catholic homeschool conference in our area was cancelled and I so crave positive Catholic speakers to encourage me in my vocation as mother and teacher to my children.

A picture with Teresa Tomeo!
Teresa Tomeo was the speaker I was most looking forward to hearing since I listen to her talk radio almost daily on Catholic Radio (101.7 FM WLOF).  She gave two talks lasting 45 minutes each which could have easily been doubled since she is a wealth of knowledge.  I want to share a valuable list she came up with that Catholic women can put to use right away:

A Handmaid's to do list (by Teresa Tomeo) 

1. Pray and practice your faith fervently

2. Read and study the Bible and Church documents. 

3. Turn to the Church instead of Culture

4. Consider your sources of information

5. Examine your priorities in life.

6. Educate yourself on media and cultural influences especially in the area of women and life issues.

7. Establish media guidelines with your family (don't be afraid to be a mom!)

8. Let your voice be heard (in other words...VOTE!)

9. Support Catholic media

10. Join grassroots organizations that support family values.

Mother Olga blessing my new rosary

Although Teresa Tomeo was the speaker  I was most excited to meet...there was another speaker who took my breath away.  Her name is Mother Olga Yaqob.  She has recently started a new order of sisters called Daughters of Mary, Our Lady of Nazareth.  She is the real deal.  She is a native of Iraq who has been through four wars in her lifetime.  She is 45 but looks so much younger.  Here is a clip of her speaking.  I am certain that she will be someone the world will hear more about.  People were literally brought to tears in her presence.  She is such a messenger of peace when she could just as easily be angry at the world for waging war on her small country. When I met her she asked me to pray for her and for her new order and I promised I would. Won't you join me in prayer for this beautiful woman of God and for her new order?

Mother Olga praying with my dear friend Aimee. Perhaps my most favorite picture of the day.

I love attending events like these.  They always seem to come at times in my life where I am frustrated with my role or just tired of the routine responsibilities of my life.  Sometimes our souls need a little encouragment, a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder that God is with  us and "behold, he makes all things new!"

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