Thursday, February 16, 2012

So, you think you want to homeschool?

It's that time of year.  That time where parents who have been dabbling in the homeschool world are second guessing their decision to homeschool.

Oh, I am very familiar with this time.  Remember, I'm the mom who registered her daughter for Kindergarten, went for orientation, and convinced myself that I should not homeschool.  Even after attending an amazing Catholic homeschool conference which should have convicted me to homeschool... I was still on the fence.  

It baffled my husband who knew he wanted our daughter to be homeschooled the first time I mentioned it.  It bothered me to no end WHY I could not be firm in my decision to homeschool or send my child to public school.  Lately, however, I have come across more than a few "reluctant homeschoolers" who are exactly where I was one year ago.  

So, I thought I would post today to those parents.  These are the words I was looking for when I was in this place last year.  To all the parents who *think* they may want to homeschool...


It wasn't until the bus for public school passed our house on the first day of Kindergarten that I realized "hey this is not a big deal."  I had convinced myself that having Sofia miss Kindergarten would be this earth shattering shift in her life.  Um, wrong.  Instead, life went on...and we kept on being a family...a family that also learns together.

I get it...people worry about the big topics: Will my kids have enough socialization? Will my child be behind their peers?  How will my child get their arts and crafts in?  Do I have enough patience? 

When I look at those questions now, I giggle at how absurd they are...but a year ago they were the big ones on my  mind!  And that is why I encourage anyone who has the smallest inkling they want to homeschool to jump in and try it.  There is no other way to find out if homeschooling is right for your family than to...homeschool.  You can visit someone's homeschool, you can read homeschooling blogs until you turn can even do a dry run of homeschool over the summer...but NONE of that will really tell you how homeschooling will work for you.  You just have to do it yourself.

Give yourself a year...not a month, or a week...because those fluctuate and to really see the overall picture of homeschooling you need to get a big perspective.  Although it isn't always peachy, looking back at our year so far...I have no regrets keeping her home.  Worst case scenario: you hate it and you send your child to school the next year.  No biggie.  I promise you won't scar your child.

Here's what I can promise you: You will learn about your child every day, you will get to see your childs face light up when they learn something cool, you will see your older children teaching your younger ones, and you will learn something new on a regular basis (yup, even in Kindergarten).

So if you are on the fence and need a little push..there is was! You can thank me for this next year :)