Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Christmas Card Wall

My favorite Christmas decoration has to be our Christmas card wall!  As the days to Christmas get shorter and shorter our wall gets busier and busier!  Usually the cards reach the floor, however, with our mischievous little Emmy we had to keep them above her reach!  

I love the way it is so easy to make photo cards now.  I would say about 90% of our cards are photo cards and they are my absolute favorite kind.  Most of the people we get them from are from out of town and it makes it so special to be able to see their families growing.

But the BEST part of photo cards is what we do with them in our family.  At the end of the season, we keep each and every picture card in a little Santa basket.

We have, in this basket, cards from the past 5 years!  Every year I also add in one of our Christmas cards to add to the collection.

When we take out our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the part when we take out our Santa basket and see just how much all the families have changed!  

I know this post is late for Christmas...but this week as we slowly start taking down our decorations, I'll be taking down the cards one by one and tucking them in our basket to be enjoyed for years to come! 

For all the families who send us a Christmas card...can any of you spot your card?


  1. I love the wall too! Sad that my favorite time of the year is over. Great post!

  2. Tracy! Your family is one of our favorite to see over the years! The first card we got was of only 3 little boys! My, how much has changed!

  3. What a lovely idea to save all of the cards and see how each family changes/grows! :-) We save the religious cards and make Christmas crafts with them the following year. For example, our daughter made placemats for our guests this year with some beautiful cards we had received from last year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nicole, to you and your wonderful family!

  4. Found us!!
    What a great idea! I love it :)