Monday, January 23, 2012

March for LIFE...understand your CHOICE

The March for Life.

It has been deemed the largest and longest-running peaceful human rights demonstration for the unborn.  More than 100,000 are expected to attend today in Washington, DC.

Never heard of it?

I'm not surprised because it isn't being televised or talked about for more than a few seconds on the news.

Wow, abortion issues being kept silent?  I'm shocked.  Not really.

It seems easy for me now to say I am pro life...because having a "surprise pregnancy" now would be no big deal.  I'm married, we have a home, we have the means financially to support biggie.  Instead of preaching about being pro life....I just want to be sure that people who are pro choice KNOW what their choice involves.

If you visit the planned parenthood website you can read a little "blurb" about what happens during an abortion.  They state that the "contents" of the uterus are gently removed.  Now this is what I thought happened in an abortion.  

They have done their job right? They have told a woman what will happen to her "product of conception" right?

Hmmm, maybe not.

It wasn't until I heard an OBGYNs graphic description of what really happens during an abortion that I realized that most people have no clue how horrible this process can be.  It sounded like a horror movie hearing it described.  Babies...yes babies...being removed from their mother limb by limb.  The doctor told of how the heart continues to beat sometimes even after multiple limbs are removed.  Removing the head is another makes me want to scream.

Why isn't this information shared freely?  Why isn't this information part of an informed consent?

Do the parents get a choice of what information is presented to them?

In today's day and age where every surgery has been televised... I do not know many people who have actually seen an abortion performed on TV.  This is strange because the pro choice movement claim it is legitimate medicine and a part of women's health.  Instead of calling it what it is, abortion is watered down with words like "products of conception", "gently emptying" etc. 

And to the question whether or not it is a baby...take a look at these pictures of first trimester abortions.  They are gruesome and I warn you in advance.  I could not even bring myself to look at pictures of second trimester abortions.  

My heart aches for the women who are being sold this false idea of an easy abortion.  I pray today for the mothers and  fathers of children who have been aborted that God will bring them healing and will reunite them one day with their children.

Lets join our prayers for a culture of LIFE. 

And when people talk about pro CHOICE...lets make sure they really know what their choice is.

How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.



  1. There's a great website called . It is a comprehensive resource and I encourage my high school religious education students to visit the site with their parents. They have a feature called "Abortion Regrets." You can read the stories of women who have chosen to have an abortion, told in their own words. The physical and emotional pain they describe is horrific. They are from all walks of life, all different is heartbreaking. There is one called "You Care About Me, Right?" - an open letter to abortion advocates. It is a must read. Here is the direct link:

    More education as to the REAL process of abortion is desperately needed. The pictures are no more shocking than the act itself. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

    Well done Nicole.

  2. Beautifully written, Nicole. Thank you for standing up for the unborn.

  3. Fantastic post, I totally agree with you. As well as women being misinformed about how a termination is performed women are not fully informed about how the oral contraceptives, IUD and depo jags also cause a chemical abortion. They hear the words contraception and believe it stops them getting pregnant in the first place, so sad this is promoted as women/equal rights!

  4. My husband told me that more human life has been killed with abortion than Hitler or Stalin killed. Yet, somehow in our world these two are thought of as the most heinous.

    It is so sad what mothers are doing to their children. It is born into our souls that we are to be the protectors of our children,we are to nurture them and protect them and care for them.

    Most children are aborted not because of rape or incest or because the mother's life would be harmed; but because having a child would be in the way. Over 90% !!

    And nobody is allowed to talk about it.

    Even still, my heart goes out to mothers who feel they need to do this. I wish their was a way to lovingly reach out to them. Instead it just feels like a war.