Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What comes after "Teach Your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons?"

"What do I use after "Teach Your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons?"

This is exactly the phrase I googled after we finished the book I raved about here.  The program "Teach Your Child to read in 100 easy lessons" (TYCTR) is so good that it literally has your child reading at about a first or second grade reading level at the end.  The problem is what to do after finishing the program.  Since we finished this book before we officially started Kindergarten I wanted something to solidify what she had learned and to help her fluency in reading.

Actually, at the end of the book TYCTR it suggests a list of books to have your child read to build up their reading skill.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't trust it...I needed a concrete program to tell me that I was correctly teaching my child to read!

In the time I was researching programs to spin off of the book TYCTR, Sofia began searching out books on her own to read.  She started with the easy board books we already had, then she began reading her High Five and Big Backyard magazines, and then...the sky was the limit!

Huh? Reading can be taught by just....reading?  This sounds painfully obvious to me now but I sympathize with any fist time homeschooler finishing that book and looking for the....what now?

So, here is what I did:

1.  Explode the Code Books 1,2,3

 Soon after finishing TYCTR, I purchased Explode the Code Book 1.  It is a workbook with black and white pages.  It teaches a systemic approach to phonics, reading and spelling. Each lesson builds on the next and the lessons all follow a similar format.  This similar format is wonderful because after teaching Sofia how to do the first few pages, she was able to do the workbooks independenlty (read: I have time for the other kids during this workbook time...priceless!)  Sofia has completed the first three books of the series and we are currently on the fourth book.  It has gotten to the point where she groans a bit when we have to sit down for this workbook time because by book 4 there is a lot more writing (words are longer.)  I think this is an amazing program, however, and I would highly highly recommend it.  Since we needed a little bit of a break with this program we have been trying out:

2.  MCP Plaid Phonics 

"Plaid Phonics" is a program I learned about from my fellow homeschooling friends. It is a colorful workbook with pages you can tear out.  We have started with Book B and we use this workbook 1-2 times a week alternating with Explode the Code Book 4.  MCP phonics includes word analysis, reading comprehension and creative writing.  In addition to it's lessons, it has fun activities at times like crossword puzzles and tear-out books.  For me, I don't see the logical progression of phonics like I do in Explode the Code...but Sofia really enjoys it!  I tear out two pages at a time for her to do and she can complete them pretty independently aside from the creative writing portion of it.  There are some pages that I have skipped because they seemed confusing even for me (i.e. What is the middle sound of the word given only a picture of the object to be named).  

This is a program that I purchased a while ago after reading what seemed like a million positive reviews!  It was a program that I had never seen or met anyone that had used it.  The continuous talk about it on forums, however, was enough to get my attention.  When I purchased this spelling program, it looked overwhelming...flash cards, phonegrams, magnetic letters, large white board, no scheduled lesson plan, ahhhhhh! 

In the last few weeks I have pulled it out and boy I wish I had done it earlier!!!!! This program is awesome, I mean really awesome!  It seems to be the program that has really brought together all the phonetic awareness learned in TYCTR and the sequential word building in the Explode the Code Books.  The thing with this program is....I don't hear groans when I pull it out.  Sofia loves this!! Even her 2 year old sister looks on for these lessons!  She is not working in a workbook, instead she builds words with magnetic letters, she writes them on a big wipe away board, she reviews letter sounds and gets to put STICKERS on a chart to show her progress!  Anyone with a little girl will understand the magic stickers have in motivation!  I will dedicate an entire post to talking about this program soon...so in the meantime...check out the website!

Phew! That was a long one...hope it helps anyone out there who has completed TYCTR successfully!  I continue to sing praises for that book...I really think it made a huge difference in Sofia's reading and spelling since it taught phonics so early.


  1. I had the same question as I started this year since we will finish 100 Lessons. Luckily, I was able to snag Funnix Beginning Reading and Funnix 2 (http://www.funnix.com/) as a free download. It isn't free anymore, but is marked down to $25. It was originally $249!! I have no idea why it was so expensive to start out. There is no excuse for that kind of price.

    Anyway, we have already started Funnix while we finish up 100 Lessons. I believe both programs were written by the same people so there are similarities in the lesson layout. Funnix is a computer program with very little written work. Many moms may not like that. I feel like if I need a workbook, we will go with Explode the Code. Just another option in case someone else out there is lookig for what next.

  2. Isn't it fun that now when someone googles "after teach your child to read..." your post pops up! We've "just" been reading and I felt I needed something more. I ordered Explode the Code last week. And hope to get All About Spelling soon. I believe your post just solidified those plans! :)

  3. We are on lesson 100 in TYCTR. My daughter is doing very well with it. You mentioned you did Explode the Code , then All about Reading. Could we skip E the C and go straight to All about Spelling's first level?

  4. Thank you for this! I googled almost the exact same phrase, and I am SO thankful your post popped up! My going-into-first-grader is almost finished with TYCTR, and I was kind of at a loss as to what to do next for her. My oldest loved the EtC books, so I think I will try them on her sister as well. Thanks again!