Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Praying with Frank Kelly

This is Frank Kelly.

He is a Catholic, a healer and no undoubtedly a man who has a message to share.

My family met him yesterday at a healing mass in our area.  I had heard about him briefly in an email sent by the Catholic homeschool group I belong to.  I planned to go see him last week, but my youngest girl was sick, my kids were cranky and my husband was working late.  So, I decided to stay home instead.

Over the weekend, close friends of ours said they were planning to see Frank Kelly on Monday!  Although it was farther away from our home than the original church I was going to see him at, I jumped at the chance to take my family.  Something told me that we should all go. 

The service consisted of a mass which was difficult for my kids to sit through because it started at 7pm, was cold and had no music for them to sing along with!  I was back and forth between bathrooms, our pew, and the back of the church trying to keep my youngest kids from reaching complete meltdown.

I almost left.  I was not feeling peaceful, I was tired, my arms and back ached from holding my squirmy baby and I was beginning to think that we had made a mistake in coming to a service so late in the evening with the kids.

But, just I was ready to pack it up, Frank Kelly walked up to the altar.  Upon first glance, I thought he worked at the church.  He did not look like any speaker or healer I had ever met!  Although he looked like any ordinary person...what he had to say was not ordinary in the least.

He shared his story with the parish.  He was born into a devout Catholic family and his mother frequently prayed to the saints.  In 1985, he was electrocuted in a workplace injury and was expected to die.  He prayed to Padre Pio and says he saw him appear in his hospital room.  In the years to come, he also had an apparition of Jesus.  You can read about him at his website Frank Kelly Ministry.

When our family came up to him, he asked only our names.  He rested his hands on each one of our heads one at a time and then looked us in the eye and told us who our patron saints were.  He also told us about things we were praying for and things we were worried about.  He also prayed over us.  He spoke so quickly that he had someone write down our saints while he spoke.
St. Frances of Rome
The things he said to our family were pretty spot on.  He gave us each our patron saints and a novena to pray to each of them.  My saints are: St Teresa Avila, St. Francis de Sales and St. Frances of Rome.  I'll admit to having to google a couple of them last night!  My girls each got a saint as well and one for the three of them together.

Sofia was particularly excited to find out about her special saint, St. Cecilia.  She prayed for her intercession last night and tonight she asked to include all the family's saints in her prayers.  Perfect! 

I just love that we have a crowd of people in heaven cheering us on!  I know Catholics get accused of worshiping saints but to me that is ridiculous!  It is the same practice as asking fellow Christians to "pray for us".  As Catholics we do the same thing to our saints in heaven. 

When I feel lonely in my beliefs, or challenged at times at my calling as a Catholic mother...I need to remember that I'm not alone in this!  The saints have walked our paths, they have met our challenges and they have made it through.  It's not impossible.

What Frank Kelly told my family was pretty accurate.  I felt a sense of peace after meeting him.  I love how my children are excited about prayer and are learning about their "friends" in heaven that they will get to meet one day.  I'm thankful for the reminder he gave that to be healed of anything, you have to first give everything over to God.  I'm super glad that my children made it through the 2 hour service without a major meltdown in sight....and that my friends, is a miracle indeed!

Our blessed saints in heaven...pray for us!


  1. Wow! I am so glad that you got to experience meeting him and having him pray over you! I am going to look up his website now and see if he will ever be in this area.

    God bless,

  2. We are an Eastern Orthodox Christian family and I totally understand what you mean about the Saints. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of our Blesses Mother of God and all the other Saints. Our walls at home are filled with icons of them and we do not worship them, they are our family and I feel closer to God through them. It's hard to explain to people, it's just something you get or you don't!!

  3. I saw Frank Kelly this past fall. I never heard of him before he visited the parishes in my area. I went and had planned to go all five days. I thought he was sweet I believed his story but still did not know what to believe as far has his words of knowledge or healing powers. When he came to me I had watched him pray over other people and he did similar motions over me. He gave me the names of the saints to prayer to and we left. I wanted relief for my daughter and her struggles. But he told me that the pain in my legs were going to go away...I was going to get help losing weight...and an addict I knew was going to begin his journey of healing. I went to the second one much calmer and he told me the same thing and added one. I decided I was being greedy if I keep going so I stopped. Some of it was doubt, I admit. A week later I got some unexpected news from the doctor. I did not have psoriatic arthritis as I was earlier told . I had low vitamin D. I was put on a perscription of 100,000units a week and my symptom pains and injury pain has disappeared!!!!! I also lost 26lbs since I started taking vit d without any diet!