Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our homeschool classroom (Or where the magic happens!)

Aside from purchasing new curriculum, nothing gets the school year going like a nice homeschool classroom!  Most bloggers have already posted their pictures but ours were a little late coming together which is OK because our school doesn't start until next week.

Although we have a great finished basement, we have decided to homeschool around the kitchen table (a la Duggers!)  I figure it's the place we gravitate to the most and it lets me keep an eye on the kitchen, family room and dining room from one place (very important with a curious crawling baby around!).

It's simple but I love it! We started decorating our wall with our eeboo animal cards which I blogged about here.  My newest addition was the awesome chalkboard from New York Blackboard.  I bought it unstained and stained it myself.  We use the chalkboard for writing down questions that come up during the day and for going over math lessons or copy work.  We also write messages to Dad when he comes home!

 Our learning calendar is from Learning Resources but I purchased it for the best price at  Every morning Sofia is in charge of changing the date, and changing the days of the week.  Maya is in charge of the weather, and she takes it very seriously!!  Included with the wall chart are many calendar add ons like birthdays, holidays, appointments etc.  You can see ours has a little tear on the middle pocket from Emmy using it to hold on to help her stand.  We'll have to work on that :)

Our Melissa & Doug easel was a gift for the girls from their Aunt Erica and Uncle Ev.  The girls have used this every single day since we put it together!  The one side is chalkboard and the other side is a whiteboard which we use with washable dry-erase crayons (best invention ever).  The chalkboard that came with it was tough to write on, so I painted over it with chalkboard paint and it works really well now.  Every morning the girls find a message from me on their easel and it tells them what we're doing for the day and gives them their morning chores.  They get a kick out of checking off what they have completed and try to get them done as soon as they wake up.

 Here's where I store all our books.  This piece of furniture has been in the house for a while, it was a Pier 1 entertainment stand.  For us, it is a perfect bookshelf!  The doors open and inside are two deep shelves to store supplies.  Can you spot our huge Sonlight binder?

Well, that's it so far!  I'm sure things will come and go as the year progresses.  Who knows, maybe one day we'll end up homeschooling in our basement...but for now, this is where the magic will happen!

We're off to a Catholic Homeschool opening mass tomorrow to celebrate the feast of the nativity of Mary.  The children were asked to bring something to offer to Mary during the procession and here is what my girls came up with.  Sofia cut the flowers and Maya cut the stems, both girls glued which is why it is still drying!

 Happy birthday Mary! Please bless our homeschool today and everyday!


  1. Love your classroom and materials! And, yes, I noticed the Sonlight binder right away, lol!
    :-) May God continue to bless both of our homeschools!

  2. What a great blog! I will be visiting often...again tonight after my little ones are snug in their beds :)
    I have never thought to make a "Did you?" list on the board that they can check off. BRILLIANT! Sometimes I'm so concerned about the big school stuff that I forget the small things that would probably work in getting their a.m. stuff done with no whining! Looking forward to checking out your blog more.
    Take care.