Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The first day jitters


Tomorrow is the first day of school.

Nope, not for us...for the rest of the world (or what seems like it anyways).

And I have the first day jitters.

Tonight, the families on our street are packing lunches, getting clothes ready and trying to get the kids to bed early.  And we're not.  Don't get me wrong, our night was magical today, the sky was an awesome purple and pink and the kids were amazed at it.  But tomorrow, the bus won't come for my daughter, and she won't dress up in new clothes or sport a new princess backpack.

I've been hearing the little girls talking about their first day of Kindergarten, and I've secretly been feeling a little bad that Sofia will miss this.  I also wonder if this is normal.  Do other homeschoolers have this last little bit of anxiety before their first year of homeschooling begins? 

What makes this just the jitters and not a last minute bolt to the school to register her for Kindergarten is that it's just the first day jitters.  Not the entire school year jitters.  I feel sad that Sofia will "miss out" on the typical first day events...picture with the kids on the street lining up for the bus, little hand written note from mom in the lunch box, waving and crying as the bus pulls away....

What I don't feel bad about is the awesome adventure we are going to have this year together as a family..the way we work best in the Religioso household.  Our school year is going to start on September 12th and heck, we can eat lunch out of lunch boxes and carry books in backpacks if it makes me feel better!

Glad I got that off my chest.

So tonight I think I'll cuddle with the girls a bit longer before bed, because they don't have to be up early for a bus!  My husband is off tomorrow morning so we are going to have a family day together to start our "not-back-to-school" week.

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  1. Good Luck Nic and Ers - you guys will be great! The girls have two wonderful parents guiding them!