Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinosaurs, nature hunts and cave paintings...oh my!

Our first week homeschooling using Sonlight Core A has been a success! As I've mentioned previously, our days at home have not changed that much since we've started homeschooling (much to my surprise).  Sonlight is so relaxed and inclusive of the whole family, that I have not had to really entertain the other kids because they want to learn alongside their older sister...perfect!!!

In our first week of Core A our history lesson included learning about dinosaurs, the earliest people, the first clothes and the first foods.  Our girls loved learning about the dinosaurs and can now identify a number of dinos by certain prominent characteristics. 

Sofia matching her toy dinosaurs with the ones in a library book.
Of course, no dinosaur goes without a castle in our home!

When I first planned our week, I did not plan any arts or crafts to go along with the lesson plans.  I was afraid that I would overwhelm myself trying to fit in all the subjects and books to read.  The curriculum is so easy to follow that I was so happy to find out that I had a ton of extra time to add to it as I pleased.  We are reading the book Living Long Ago which is a history book that is geared towards children.  The pictures are fun to look at and the language in the book makes history easy to understand for a Kindergarten level.  The girls were fascinated by the cave drawings and how they didn't have paint brushes to make their pictures but instead used items found in nature.  So, we decided that we would do a nature hunt and find various items to use for our very own cave paintings!

Sofia and Maya ready to be let loose on their nature walk!
And they're off!

The girls gathered crab apples, leaves, dried flowers, fresh flowers, twigs, berries and rocks to use for our cave paintings.  They were so creative with their paintings and had such a good time this morning with their project!

Digging through the treasure!
Maya is all business with her cave painting.

Here is our completed work of art! You can see how quickly every art project turns into finger painting at our house!  Oh well, I can bet money that cave-kids used their fingers to paint as well!


  1. Great activity and pics of the kids! They are so lucky! Wish I had this much fun learning!

  2. I found your blog through the Sonlight blogroll; you hve such a nice blog! We are using Sonlight P 3/4 and loving it. I'm glad to have a "sneak peek" into what's coming next for us since you are on Kindergarten. Oh, and the funny thing is we will soon have three children too -- but instead of girls we have boys! We are Catholic too.

  3. Oops, I meant to write P 4/5... Although we still enjoy our 3/4 books! :)

  4. Nicole, how awesome! I love how creative you were with the material! These are times your children will cherish always!

    God bless,