Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why we turned off the TV

When I was pregnant with Sofia (my eldest) I got a ton of advice.  Most just made me smile and nod with the advice going in one ear and out the other.  But a few words of wisdom have managed to stay with me.  One tip that a mother gave me was to not allow our children to watch TV.  She told me that kids who do not watch television are able to entertain themselves easier and are rarely bored.

The sound of a child saying "I'm booooorrred" annoys me to no end.  So just that fact alone made me want to try to live a TV free life!

So, we did.

And we love it.

Television has become a special-occasion device in our home.  Since dropping cable years ago, we have subscribed to Netflix and watch shows with the kids as a treat.  Our children have a million other things to do for fun during the day and can entertain themselves for hours!  I really do not hear the phrase "I'm bored."  This is great and what we were hoping for when we decided to turn off the TV for good.  But, there was something else that happened that I never planned....

My children do not ask for things.

My girls do not watch commercials...ever.  When we watch a show together on Netflix, there are no commercials.  Because of this, they are not exposed to the "I want this/I need this" mentality.  When it comes times for Christmas or birthdays they tell people they like crafts or dress up toys...things that they use instead of being plugged into the TV all day.  They don't have a concept of what is cool right now, or how kids should be dressing or what toys they should have.  They are free-thinkers!

I encourage parents to try it.  Join us and turn off the TV.

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  1. Awesome, Nicole! We haven't completely unplugged, but most people think I'm "nuts" that my children have no idea who Justin Bieber is, or what "America's Got Talent" is, etc. They, too, have no idea about most of the consumerism since they do not watch cartoons or other commercial television geared toward that end. We only allow them to watch some sporting events and a couple of things on the Science channel, etc. That's it. And, really, that's all we watch, as well. Any good programs that my husband and I used to enjoy have been taken off the air. My husband is in the Army, so you may catch us after the kids go to bed watching something on the military channel or on the history channel (since I am a history teacher), but the rest is just an insult to our intelligence and our values. :-)

    Many blessings to you!