Saturday, August 13, 2011

From Stacking States to Marking Maps!

It is no secret now that my 4-year old is better at US geography than I am! I attribute her love of learning maps to the iPad game we downloaded, Stack the States.

This week we have been getting all our materials ready for the start of school (yay!) and one of the items we pulled out from our Sonlight box was the USA markable map.  The map is large, as you can see from the picture above (23" x 34"), but folds down to 12" x 12".  It is full color, laminated and shows details such as rivers and political boundaries. If you flip it over, there is a map of the world

As SOON as I took it out of the box Sofia grabbed it, unfolded it and started labeling away!  The map comes with 4 wet erase markers which are awesome so Sofia doesn't erase what she has written when she moves across the map.

Sofia (decked out in full dance attire) started labeling the states she knew right away and then when she was stumped, she lay the map under our USA wall map and finished the rest.

What a great idea from Sonlight!

Here is the map after today! The smudged Montana is from Emmy's drool as she crawled over the map (even she loves it!) :)

 And my awesome husband turned the Sonlight box inside out to reveal it can be cut into a castle! A little paint later and this princess was happy as can be!


  1. We're going to be using Sonlight for the first time this year, as well! :-) We are doing Core D (American History year 1). There is an awesome group on yahoo called SL-Catholic. It is all Catholic moms who use Sonlight. It has been a great support and very helpful.

    God bless,