Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Popsicle Color Match Game

When people find out I am homeschooling my eldest daughter, they often ask what I will do with my younger children during school time.  Luckily, the homeschooling curriculum we are using (Sonlight) is literature based and even the younger girls will enjoy listening in to the stories.  When Sofia is doing her reading lessons or math, however, I do need to find things to occupy Maya so I can have some one on one time with Sofia.

A mother from my homeschooling group suggested that we do a busy bag swap since so many of us have pre-schoolers at home as well.  The swap works when each member makes a game or activity geared towards the preschool age and then duplicates it for the swap.  In our group we have seven mothers participating, so we will each have seven different busy bags upon completion!  The activity I chose to make was the popsicle color match game. 

The supplies required include felt in different colors, wide popsicle sticks, paint and thread for sewing.  Using two sheets of felt per color I was able to make eight full sets of popsicles (yay! an extra set for a friend!) 

This is a very easy activity to make!  It took me a while to complete only because I made so many sets of it.  If you were only making one set, it would be very quick!  I made a pattern for the popsicle, cut it out from two pieces of felt and then sewed the two pieces of felt together leaving an opening in the bottom.  I painted the popsicle sticks the corresponding color and voila...you have a perfect preschool color match game!

Since I am teaching Sofia French, I wrote the french names for the colors on popsicle sticks and made a matching game for her too!  This activity can be modified to include the written word of the color (an English version of the French one I did) or the "flavor" of the color (ie. grape matches with purple). 

I am looking forward to our busy bag swap this Friday and I will post pictures and descriptions of all the activities I get!


  1. Nicole, you are SO creative! What an awesome activity for a little one! :-) I can't wait to see what activities you bring home.

    God bless,

  2. I love this! I pinned it :) Thanks, Nicole.