Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eeboo animal wall cards

We are getting ready for Kindergarten! Our plan is to work in our kitchen since it is such a great open area with everything we need nearby.  I have a large open wall beside our kitchen table and I thought it would be fun to get it ready for "school" by sprucing it up with some things we'll use throughout the year.  My first purchase was a set of eeboo Animal wall cards that I bought from Amazon.

They arrived in a nice large box and were tied in a blue fabric ribbon..pretty!  They are large cards (8" by 10") and are made of heavy cardstock.  The colors are vibrant and the pictures are fun (they do include some animals that I have never heard of...but I imagine we will have fun looking them up!).  We hung them up using double sided tape stickers that I purchaed at Office Max.  We'll see what the kids think of it tomorrow morning when they wake up!

Next on my wall is a chalkboard I just ordered!  Looking forward to it, I'll post pictures when it arrives.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. Those cards are adorable!

  2. The cards look awesome! :-) What was the kids' reaction when they saw them? Isn't it wonderful when we find something that will make our children's educational journey so much more meaningful? (and fun, too!) :-))))

    God bless,

  3. Thanks Shannon and Lisa! We didn't say anything to the girls when they came down for breakfast....Maya noticed first and her mouth dropped open! They love them! Today they were singing the alphabet backwards by reading the cards! Even the baby Emmy smiles at them....it is FUN :)