Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Bag Swap!

Last week I wrote about a "Busy Bag" swap I was doing with a few of the mothers in our homeschool group.  You can read about the popsicle matching game I made here.

As promised, here are the other goodies I received from the swap...very creative!

Magnetic Fishing Game.  Each fish has a magnet sandwiched between two pieces of felt.  The fishing rod also has a magnet attached to the end allowing you to grab a fish!

Roll-a-Cise Dice Game.  A die is included with different shapes that match instructions on the paper.  For instance if you roll a square you jump like a kangaroo 5 times! You can get the hard copy of this template here.

Paper plate matching.  The object is to use the clothes pin or red clip to pick up pompoms and put them into the corresponding color plates.  The two types of clothes pins are an excellent idea since they require different degrees of fine motor skills.

Yarn art.  Simple but fun!  Different colors and lengths of yarn used to make pictures on a pieces of sandpaper.  The sandpaper holds the yarn in place.  As you can see, I had some fun with this!

Felt cupcakes.  In this bag were cupcakes, cupcake liners, heart cherries, sprinkles, and frosting.  The colors in this one are great!

And there is still one more bag I have yet to get...I will update when I get it!  I really think Maya will love doing these...it has been tough keeping these away from the girls until school officially starts for us.

Just thought I'd add this because it was the sweetest thing to find at the end of the day (both Sofia and the message!)

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