Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alphabet Stampin'

We have been plugging along with Handwriting without Tears K and have been enjoying it a lot.  Today, however, we tried something new.  I had purchased a set of Learning Resources Uppercase Alphabet Tracing Stamps a couple years ago but had never really got them out for the girls to use.  They are a set of the entire alphabet and some other characters like commas, periods and exclamation points.  The stamps are dotted so that after stamping out a word, it's possible to trace them making your own handwriting practice sheets!

The girls loved them!

Sofia wasn't much into tracing them after the first couple sheets of prints she made, but she had a great time sounding out and spelling words to print.  You have to have *just* the right amount of ink on them to make the dots on the letters stand out, otherwise they come out like solid letters.  My girls were both ink happy and most of their letters came out solid! 

You can see Maya's work (our 2 year old) behind Sofias work...she mostly finger painted!  Maya was able to help with putting the stamps away because you have to match them to their letter in the tray.  It was great matching and alphabet practice for her as well.  A product that lets both girls learn and have fun at the same time...priceless!


  1. Nicole, what an awesome idea and fun project! The photos are just priceless!

    God bless,

  2. Love the new look, even in it's beta stages! Great job!