Thursday, July 28, 2011

Music our homeschool way!

We are very lucky that we belong to a small homeschool group in our area.   Almost all the members have children who are either starting Kindergarten or first grade so it is wonderful to be able to share experiences and resources with these families.  What is even more special is the bond that our children are beginning to form!

For almost a year now (correct me if I'm wrong ladies!  Time is a blur to me sometimes) our children in the 4-7 age group have been participating in a small music class hosted at one of the mothers' house.  So far, the class has learned to sing various songs in different keys, incorporated movement with the music and most recently have been using wooden sticks to learn the rhythm of music. In the upcoming year the teacher "Miss Kelly" will be starting to do a more formal curriculum that parents can use in their lesson plans to send to the school districts.

Classes are once a month and it is a wonderful time for the children (and the parents!) to get together and have fun! 

While the older siblings are in class, the moms and younger kids get to sit, relax and play a little.  Amazing how much socializing happens in homeschool huh? ;)

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