Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Journey Begins...

We have officially decided to homeschool.

I have gone back and forth about whether or not I was making the right decision for our family.  It seemed like every time I spoke to a homeschooling family or went to a homeschool conference I was completely convinced that I wanted to homeschool our children.  Then I would talk to a public school parent or walk through a Catholic school with their classrooms full of beautiful crafts and kids all in uniforms and I would think...nope, we'll send our kids to school.

I wrote my pros and cons down, and all my cons of homeschooling had something in common.  They all had to do with MY insecurities; will people think we are freaks? will my children be freaks? Truth is, we have been freaks from the beginning.

It started with natural childbirth, which lead to delayed vaccinations, cloth diapering, babywearing, not letting our children watch TV...and the list continues to go on.

I'm sure there are people who don't agree with some or all of our parenting decisions, but so far I think we have some pretty amazing children and I am excited to start our next journey as a family into freak-ness. Lets get ready to homeschool!


  1. i'm still at the back and forth phase...

  2. Hi Nicole,

    So happy to have just come across your blog. The above article could have been written by me - honestly! I resonate with every word you wrote - including the natural birthing, vaccines, no TV etc. I am generally a pretty calm person but my decisions to follow my gut instinct attract controversy and criticism! It would be nice if people didn't view our decisions to homeschool or homebirth or decline vaccines as an automatic criticism of their choice NOT to! Each to their own people!! :-)
    I am a Mum of 3 boys living in Australia, with our 4th baby on the way. In Feb we will officially start homeschooling our eldest who is turning 5 (school year runs with the calendar here). I also felt very overwhelmed by the plethora of curricula out there. I found the catalogue for Sonlight inspiring, but felt a tad swamped by it. (Prob just my insecurities and doubts creeping in), so we have ended up purchasing the traditional and simple Catholic Heritage Curriculum. It's all a big experiment at this stage!!! Best wishes for your homeschool & your blog.

    Mum in Oz

  3. Thanks for visiting the blog Janelle! Congratulations on your awesome decision to homeschool your boys! I can tell you that you are going to learn SO much on this journey! I'm excited to see how you like CHC. This year I'm using their handwriting program since we finished Handwriting without Tears. Good Luck and keep in touch!