Saturday, July 16, 2011


I love being Catholic.

Problem is, I don't know many other families my age that are also as excited about their faith as I am. I even contemplated "visiting" another church to see what it was about them that got their members so excited  about attending.  I wanted that fellowship.  I wanted to meet other families with my beliefs and I didn't know how to find it in the Catholic Church.

My prayers were answered.

Today, my family was invited to a parishioners house.  Not just my husband and myself...but the WHOLE family.  Alongside three other families, we shared a meal and then read and discussed the gospel for tomorrow.  The children all played together with a couple babysitters while the parents got to talk.  This was priceless for my husband and I because although we start off mass with every intention of listening to the readings, with three young children it becomes difficult and (for my husband) sometimes impossible. :)

The group will meet every month for a meal and discussion of the gospel.  I left the group today so happy to meet new friends, to find other practicing Catholic families, to see my children so excited to play with new friends and to have an understanding of the readings at mass tomorrow.

Here's a picture of the girls and I before leaving to go to the gathering. 

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  1. Nicole, that's so beautiful!!
    And that's exactly what we do, but we call it homechurch :D LOVE hearing that!!